Giveall Payroll Giving is commission free. This means that 100% of every donation you make from your salary goes to the charities you are supporting. Not only that, the charities receive their funds no later than two working days from the date we receive the monies from your employer.

Payroll Giving lets donors make regular or one-off donations to charities of their choice directly from their earnings including a company or personal pension.

You also have the option to set up a Personal Donor Account (PDA). The Giveall scheme allows you to deposit a tax free amount deducted from your salary in to an account that we set up for you. You can access your PDA online and can login and make one off donations out of the balance you hold in your account to any UK charity at any time.

All donations are made before tax and after National Insurance. This means that you pay no tax on the amounts deducted from your wage that you donate to the charities you are supporting or on the amounts you deposit in to your PDA.

You can make a payroll giving donation to any UK charity or not for profit organisation on a Giveall scheme, in fact our database contains over 160,000 charities currently registered with the Charity Commission UK and if for any reason you cannot find the organisation you are searching for then send us an email at with their details and we will then check that they are a not for profit organisation that qualifies to receive donations under the terms of the scheme, before adding them to our database.

You can support as many charities as you wish with a tax free deduction from your salary and for any amount. Giveall does not set any minimal amount on the donation you want to set up.

All that you need to do now is check with your HR department if they have a Giveall Payroll Giving scheme set up already and they will pass on our help guide that explains how you set yourself up on the scheme. Alternatively, you can check if your employer is registered with Giveall by clicking on the 'Start Payroll Giving' option on our home page and then taking the 'I am an Employee' route.

If it helps we are happy to contact your HR department for you and check. Just email us at with your name, employer name and if you have the name of someone in the HR team that we can speak to then include their contact details in your email.

You can also download our Employers and Employee Payroll Giving help guide here and forward this to your HR manager. This will give them details of the Giveall scheme and how they set one up. If your employer has a scheme set up already but with an alternative Payroll Giving Agency but would like to switch to Giveall to avoid the commissions and fees then we can help them switch. Please get them to contact us for details on how we can arrange this for them.