Giveall is a multi-platform delivering integrated services across 4 main areas:

  1. An online fundraising and giving platform where donors give to their favourite good causes online and charities and fundraisers generate donations and sponsorship for theirs.
  2. Payroll Giving. Payroll giving is the most tax-effective way to support charity and Giveall2Charity, an HMRC - approved Payroll Giving Agency, is unique among Payroll Giving Agencies as being the only one that is fully automated and commission-free to the organisations registered with it. Finally, Giveall’s fully automated systems mean administration is minimal.
  3. A proprietary banking platform and consolidated cash management solution means all Non-Profit Organisations can transfer their funds at no cost and where smaller organisations enjoy the higher rates of interest that were previously the domain of larger charities.
  4. All charities registered and subscribing to Giveall can access other essential services and solutions including HR and financial reporting and security software (worth over £5,000 p.a.)

All money is secured at all times and all users have 24/7 access to real-time reporting and accounts.

At Giveall we believe that you should receive the best advice and guidance available, which can be found at the Fundraising Regulator's website here.