Giveall takes your security as seriously as we take ours.

Our Anti-Money Laundering and Data Protection requirements are unparalleled. 

Charity Administrators are required to use Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) through using Google Authenticator when accessing their account. This ensures a much higher level of security when accessing the charity bank account details. More details on Multi-Factor Authentication can be found under the Help and FAQs.

Your money is secure at all times. All donations are immediately placed into a client trust account and then deposited into the charity’s own online bank account upon clearance.

We go much further and we are making every effort to help charities go further by giving them free software and solutions that not only improve their operations but protect their organisation and supporters as well. Part of their package, these solutions not only protect them from data loss and the loss of confidence in them that goes with that but also from the risk of prosecution and hefty fines. 

Charities (and the people who support and rely on them) are often woefully exposed. We’re trying to put a stop to that as part of our service to them. Here’s just one example:

While most platforms incorporate a payment system which secures the actual payment processing via a digital SSL certificate, they do not tend to protect any of the other key components of the management information system.  For example, when you first create a user account and enter your user details, the data submission is often insecure.  Furthermore, when you have completed your payment for the item that you are purchasing, you then receive an invoice or an acknowledgement of receipt by standard email, which contains all of your personal information. This is insecure. In our view, this is unacceptable and security should also be applied to the:

  • capture of personal information;
  • processing and storage of information by the processor;
  • communication of sensitive data between the parties;
  • storage of the information received by the recipient; and,
  • sharing of information by the recipient with colleagues and/or third parties.

Here’s another example: how often have you seen a “Contact us” form on a website that is not secured (check for the HTTPS in the address bar. if it’s not there it’s not a secure page). When a charity registers with Giveall they receive a Formidable SSL Certificate, worth over £500 that secures the page immediately, for free. They have therefore not only protected themselves and their supporters but they’ve also saved themselves a lot of money (not to mention risk) by joining Giveall.

Consequently, Giveall, in conjunction with Formidable Solutions and Formidable CA embarked on the development of a comprehensive range of security products and services, which are available free to all Subscribing Charities as part of their registration with Giveall.  These comprise: 

Formidable CA - Digital SSL Certificates

These are required for any webstore or where a secure connection is necessary to protect communications.  

To read more about digital SSL Certificates and their various uses, click here.

Formidable High Security - PDF Viewer

This enables organisations to share and/or publish content securely to a PDF viewer in 'View Only' mode.

To read more about the Formidable PDF Viewer, click here.

Formidable PDF Studio

This unique product is more versatile and less expensive than the mainline Adobe product.  Create and edit documents and also securely view encrypted files.

To read more about the Formidable PDF Studio, click here.

Formidable Media Player

The Media Player seamlessly delivers secure encrypted media. The Media Player is designed for all media files, MP4, MP3 and image files. 

To read more about the Formidable Media Player, click here.

Formidable Publisher

The Formidable Publisher enables authors, publishers and/or printers, etc. to publish digital rights securely using cutting edge DRM technology.

To read more about the Formidable Publisher, click here.

Formidable Vault

Have you ever mislaid your flash drive or had your laptop stolen resulting in much lost information?  The Formidable Vault is an easy to use high security application that provides enormous comfort and security to any user.  Ut should also ensure you avoid heavy fines from the Information Commissioner!

To read more about the Formidable Vault, click here.

Formidable Secure Cloud

Cloud computing enables easy storage of data, but is it security is often variable.  The Formidable Secure Cloud provides a high security solution to everyone at an affordable price.

To read more about the Formidable Secure Cloud, click here.

Formidable Synchroniser

A secure Vault or Secure Cloud is meaningless without an effective Synchroniser, which ensures that all of your files are synchronised. 

To read more about the Formidable Synchroniser, click here.

Formidable Outlook Backup

The backup of your key email programme is essential if you are to remain secure.

To read more about the Formidable Outlook Backup, click here.

Formidable E-Commerce Solutions

E-Commerce solutions comprise the provision of:

  • Digital SSL Certificates
  • Postcode Lookup
  • PSP merchant solutions
  • Webstore applications

To read more about the Formidable E-Commerce Solutions, click here.

To read more about how your Charity can acquire these Affiliate products and services, click here.