At a glance

How do we compare?

This is something we are always asked and the answer is always the same: very well!

It is a tricky one though because people presume Giveall is “just” another online fundraising platform. It isn’t. It’s more than that.

Giveall does not just do online fundraising. We also do payroll giving, cash and we deliver banking services and software (for free) to charities.

In the payroll giving space alone we believe there is no comparison whatsoever. Giveall is the only fully automated commission-free payroll giving facility in the world and administration has been dramatically reduced for everyone. Out with paper, payroll giving has finally gone digital and 100% of every donation goes into the charity’s online account within 2 working days of us receiving it.

We are a charity and we do not make millions in commission from the giving of others and nor do we support professional fundraising organisations who won’t declare their charges.

Our Anti-Money Laundering and Data Protection requirements are unrivalled and all donations are immediately secured in a client trust account and then deposited into the charity’s own online bank account upon clearance.

Where else could small charities receive higher interest and where else could all charities benefit from a consolidated cash management platform like Giveall’s?

Who else gives charities thousands of pounds of free software on top of everything else?

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