Gift Aid and Tax Returns

If you pay tax in the UK, then Gift Aid is a simple way to increase the value of your gift through Giveall. 

Gift Aid can be applied to any UK, EU, Norwegian or Icelandic charity that is registered with HMRC.

Making your donation using Gift Aid will enable Giveall or your charity to reclaim the basic rate tax on your gift.

The basic rate tax is 20 per cent, so this means that if you give £10.00 using Gift Aid, it's worth £12.50 to the charity. For donations between 6 April 2008 and 5 April 2011 the charity or CASC will also get a separate government supplement of three pence on every pound you give.

If you pay higher rate tax, you can claim the difference between the higher rate of tax 40 and/or 50 per cent and the basic rate of tax 20 per cent on the total 'gross' value of your donation to the charity or CASC. For example, if you donate £100.00, the total value of your donation to the charity is £125.00 - so you can claim back:

  • £25 - if you pay tax at 40 per cent (£125 × 20%)
  • £37.50 - if you pay tax at 50 per cent (£125 × 20%) plus (£125 × 10%)

Why Gift Aid your Donations?

Help your charity at no extra cost. Boost your donations through tax-effective giving. Every penny counts. It's easy - just fill in a simple form. When you make an online donation, you will be prompted to sign an online Gift Aid declaration. 

If you have any queries about Gift Aid, please contact our Customer Services team using the Contact us Section.

HMRC and Gift Aid

Please click here to view the HMRC details on Gift Aid and the procedures which Taxpayers should follow.

Tax Return

If you complete a self-assessment tax return form you can nominate Giveall or your favourite charity to receive any tax refund you are due. 

The government treats this donation as a Gift Aid donation, meaning that Giveall or your favourite charity will receive an additional 25p in the pound at no extra cost to you. 

All you have to do is tick the relevant box on your tax return form (field 9A.3 on the form) and quote our Inland Revenue number: XT22157. So next time you're doing your tax return, remember Giveall and your favourite charity!

Fundraising Regulator

At Giveall we believe that you should receive the best advice and guidance available, which can be found at the Fundraising Regulator's website here.