At a glance

  • Commission-free
  • Online fundraising and donations
  • Fully automated Payroll Giving
  • Integrated cash management – higher interest for charities
  • Banking management – lower charges and better returns
  • Free software for charities - worth thousands of pounds every year

Secure and transparent, Giveall is many things

Giveall is the secure multi-platform helping non-profits raise more money in new and exciting ways.

Giveall provides online fundraising, donation and payroll giving facilities and banking, cash management services in one place. On top of that, subscribing charities receive thousands of pounds of software, every year, free!

Owned and operated by the UK charity Giveall2Charity, all donations are commission-free and there are no unnecessary transaction fees.

Charity funds are 100% secure at all times. All donations are immediately secured in a client trust account and then deposited into the charity’s own Giveall online bank account upon clearance. 

Giveall is more than a mere fundraising platform. It is a single, secure, online location for:

1. Online fundraising and donations: commission-free

Online fundraising and making donations is simple, secure and much more effective with Giveall. [Read more]

2. Payroll Giving:

Truly ground-breaking, Giveall is transforming payroll giving as the only fully automated, commission-free and admin-lite payroll giving provider in the world. As a standalone, Giveall Payroll Giving is free for all. [Read more]

3. Banking and Cash Management

Non-profits can take advantage of Giveall’s proprietary banking and consolidated cash management solution. Non-profits earn higher interest on their money and transfers within the banking platform are free. [Read more]

4. Other essential free services

Subscribing non-profits receive other essential services and solutions including HR and financial reporting and security software, worth thousands of pounds, free. [Read more]

Giveall supports all charities, schools, churches, Community Amateur Sports Clubs - CASCs, universities, hospitals and other not-for-profit organisations and NGOs in the UK and those who support them worldwide.

Giveall Payroll Giving (as a standalone option) is free. NB: Payroll Giving cannot be used to make a donation to a CASC.

To use the entire Giveall platform, charities must register with Giveall and comply with Anti-Money Laundering regulations imposed upon us (this should be straightforward in most cases) and pay a monthly subscription (if applicable).

Charities with a turnover of less than £10,000 per annum have their fees sponsored and therefore Giveall is effectively free (there are over 60,000 organisations of this size in the UK alone). Larger charities pay £20.00 per month (plus VAT). 

Giveall maintains the highest protocols in data protection and its AML requirements are more stringent than any other online fundraising platform. It is also the most transparent with all users having 24/7 access to their own online accounts with real-time reporting.