Giveall2Charity is the UK registered Charity (no: 1132982) that owns and operates Giveall  

NB: Giveall2Charity is also registered in South Africa, USA, Australia, New Zealand and Luxembourg.

Giveall2Charity’s main goals are to:

1. Support the education of disadvantaged people throughout the world. Giveall2Charity is focused on the following areas: 

  • Provision of fire resistant structures for crèches and nursery schools in underprivileged areas.
  • Support for children born with facial deformities and who are ostracised from normal schooling as a result.
  • Support for children orphaned and made vulnerable by HIV and AIDS whose education will suffer as a result
  • Teaching teachers how to teach more effectively.

2. Assist the Non-Profit sector by introducing technology that will reduce the cost of fundraising while creating efficiencies and helping to generate more revenue; this being technology that might otherwise have been out of reach or simply unaffordable. It does this via the Giveall platform.

Giveall2Charity has 4 main revenue streams: 

  1. Subscriptions to Giveall which not only has a low cost base and automated systems but a robust subscription model. While charities who use the Giveall platform for payroll giving (only) do so free, those larger charities taking advantage of the entire Giveall platform (ie: the online fundraising and donations facilities and the bankings and affiliate services) pay a monthly fee of £20.00 (plus VAT) per month (small charities have their subscriptions sponsored so they are, effectively, free) NB: Any subscriptions remaining after the running costs of Giveall and Giveall2Charity’s own goals have been met are used to reduce subscriptions for the following year.
  2. Donations from the public to Giveall2Charity itself.
  3. Interest on its own funds (NB any funds being held by Giveall prior to clearance earn interest for the respective charities, not Giveall2Charity) and
  4. Giveall2Charity also has various affiliate relationships which generate additional revenue. 

The Giveall2Charity team built Giveall from core technology that was either donated or sourced at preferential rates from significant partners. Initial funding came from philanthropists who believed in Giveall and whose intention is to continue to support its growth in the future.