Giveall Payroll Giving is quick and easy to setup and if you are currently using another Payroll Giving Agency, switching to Giveall is simple.

Why Giveall Payroll Giving

  • A paperless system
  • Administration is absolutely minimal
  • Commission-free and no transaction costs
  • 100% of every donation goes to the charity of choice
  • Employees maintain their own profiles and giving at all times
  • Employees wanting to maintain their payroll giving while changing jobs is straightforward (for them and their employer/s).
  • A great way to demonstrate your company's commitment to your employees, improving morale and engagement while enhancing the public's perception of your company

Setting up the scheme

It is very quick to set up Giveall Payroll Giving; it takes about 15 minutes and doesn't cost a thing. The on-going administration can be completed in minutes and this can be claimed under tax relief as an available expense.

The employer first appoints an Administrator to set up and look after their account. After registering as a user, the Administrator proceeds to complete the employer account registration online before sending us the standard Payroll Giving contract that an employer must have with the agency that they appoint to process their scheme donations. 

What your Payroll Administrator needs to know

A payroll deductions file is produced online for each payroll period. The Administrator checks and verifies the file which then produces a spreadsheet that the payroll team or external payroll agency can use to make the correct deductions from your employees' salaries.

For each payroll period one BACs payment for the total amount of your employees' deductions is sent to Giveall. Giveall then distribute the correct amounts to the nominated charity's Giveall online bank accounts within two working days.

For more details on how to set up and operate a Giveall Payroll Giving scheme, download our Employers and Employees help guide here.