Many of our suppliers have also joined our affiliate programme. This gives them the opportunity to work with us and take advantage of our scale and reach to distribute their services and solutions to our stakeholders. Our stakeholders benefit from best in breed solutions and improved packages and/or reduced rates.  

If your values and intentions are similar to ours and you are a leading supplier in your sector who wants to make a real difference, please contact us here. 

We have sourced the very best solutions from leaders in their field for the platform and for our affiliate programme. Nearly everything that has gone into Giveall has either been donated or licensed to us at a dramatically reduced rate. These suppliers have believed in what we're doing and they've helped us out because they want to make a difference in the charitable sector. For this we thank them.

The motivation of our suppliers for doing this are many and varied, ranging from making a profit through sheer scale to exposing their products to new audiences in new sectors. Underlying everything though is their belief that they can make a difference working with Giveall.

If you have a product, solution or service that you think is a game-changer and you want to make a difference then please contact us and tell us about it here.