Social Impact Investors

Our message to Social Impact Investors:

Let's do great things together!

Let's impact our society in a real and positive way. Let's shake things up for the better!

Working together we can transform the giving sector so that less money is lost to fees, charges and middlemen and more goes where it should. Let's introduce new services and solutions and bring more transparency and accountability to the sector. Let's just make things better, together!

If this sounds exciting to you please contact us here.

Giveall is positioned to make an extraordinary difference already but we have various projects in the pipeline that will further transform the society we live in. These are based on proven technologies that should deliver immediate, quantifiable benefits for those who depend on the giving of others and provide a reasonable return for investors as well.

There is so much need in the world and so much being done to try to meet that demand. Together, we can make a difference!

Three of the projects we're looking for collaboration on are:

1. Our mobile banking platform.

We have been granted licences to two proven, internationally recognised mobile banking platforms. All we have to do is pay for the integration into Giveall. The difference such a facility could make is enormous and the benefits widespread, particularly among those who need it the most. The ease of access and convenience of mobile banking without the high fees and charges should immediately transform the lives of many who want for so much.

2. Our international banking platform. 

Again, we have been offered a proven international banking solution with full foreign exchange capability which, when integrated into the Giveall Platform, will ensure more money stays in the hands of charities and less of it lost to unnecessary fees and charges. All that is required is payment for the integration into Giveall.

3. Remit+ TM 

We are working with an affiliate partner and have the planning and alliances in place that could see billions of hard-earned pounds, currently lost to fees and charges, “making it through” e.g. it's estimated that somewhere between £20Billion and £30Billion is remitted from the UK to other countries each year. Based on those figures, we could guarantee an extra £1 to £3Billion arrives in the hands of those the money is meant for.

Again, if this sounds exciting to you, please contact us here.