A donation to Giveall will go a long way! 

Giveall2Charity owns and operates the Giveall platform. It is a UK-registered Charity so you can donate directly to it and we can assure you your donation will go a long way.

Giveall is commission-free so we rely on fees from Charities, donations to ourselves and interest on our own funds for our own sustainability. Your money will be used to maintain, operate and further develop the Giveall site so that we can continue to support the entire sector and present new and exciting ways to benefit all those who depend on Charity.

We do not pay high salaries and you won't see us spending any money on high profile marketing campaigns. We don't pay celebrities for endorsement and we don't support professional fundraising organisations. In short, we run a lean ship! The entire platform is automated and operates to maximise returns for our registered Charities. It's worth pointing out here that any funds left over at the end of the year are used to discount the fees for Charities for the following year. Our aim is for Giveall to be a true zero-cost platform.

Your donation can make such a difference!

So, apart from operating and maintaining the Giveall site as it is at the moment, what are some of these “further developments” we've mentioned?

Well, here at Giveall we reckon we've just begun.

Some of the things we have on our “To Do” list are commercially sensitive but others we can definitely talk about:

  1. We will enable access to the site for mobile users i.e. develop a mobile platform. This will include an international banking platform with foreign exchange facility. Enabling mobile access will improve convenience and accessibility for more users and the banking platform will save Charities a fortune.
  2. Foreign Exchange facilities. This will save all users a fortune in unnecessary fees.
  3. An international banking facility that will facilitate international banking without the prohibitive fees.
  4. We will constantly develop, update and redevelop the site to ensure its sustainability and scalability.

NB: We have been granted licences and the software for all of these banking solutions. We just have to pay for the integration!

This is an incredible opportunity (and another indicator of the sort of support we already receive) and will mean many millions of extra pounds for the sector.

That's exciting to us and your donation, large or small, will help make it all happen!