While Giveall is a donation platform set up to enable donors to donate to their favourite charities, you can support all charities with a donation to Giveall2Charity itself. Such a donation goes a long way!

Giveall2Charity owns and operates the Giveall platform. It is a UK-registered Charity so you can donate directly to it and we can assure you that your donation will make a real difference to so many.

Giveall is commission-free so we rely on fees from charities, donations to ourselves and interest on our own funds to sustain the Giveall platform and to pay for its development and growth. Donations to us mean we can continue to support the entire sector and present new and exciting ways to benefit all those who depend on Charity.

We do not pay high salaries and you won't see us spending any money on high profile marketing campaigns. We don't pay celebrities for endorsement and we don't support professional fundraising organisations. In short, we run a lean ship! The entire platform is automated and operates to maximise returns for the charities using Giveall.

A donation to Giveall2Charity makes a real difference so thank you for considering it!

If you would like to know more please contact us.