Payroll Giving

No other payroll giving service compares to Giveall Payroll Giving. 

Fully automated and without commission r transaction fees, Giveall Payroll Giving is the payroll giving solution the sector has been calling for. It is unique.

Payroll Giving Agencies (like Giveall) can charge up to 5% commission on donations. Giveall is commission-free. When you consider that over £130Million was raised with payroll giving last year in the UK alone, this is a significant saving for the sector!

Payroll giving is no longer a cumbersome, paper-based operation and all donations now get through fast and they get through intact.

Giveall Payroll Giving is transparent and fairer for all. All users maintain their own accounts and have 24/7 access to the information they need.

In the past, payroll giving has been considered a “step too far” for many smaller charities and they’ve missed out on what is potentially an excellent source of predictable revenue. They’ve either not had the resources to promote and support it themselves and/or they’ve not been able to afford the fees of, nor been regarded as a lucrative enough client for the professional fundraising organisations who promote the scheme. 

Now, they don’t need them. With Giveall, all charities can promote payroll giving themselves and admin is minimal and, on top of that, Giveall Payroll Giving is free!