What does Giveall offer Trustees? Well, where do we start?

Being a Trustee of a non-profit organisation, however large or small, is a responsibility that’s not to be taken lightly. Giveall was established to support charities (and the people who support them) and to help people like yourselves do what’s best for the non-profit you’re working with. 

Please take the time to browse the Giveall website because there is much to digest. Giveall is a unique offering; quite different from the straight forward fundraising platform it’s presumed to be and the small amount of time it would take to understand it more fully could make a tremendous difference to yourself as a Trustee and to your organisation.

Taking the advantages of online fundraising, automated payroll giving, integrated cash management and smarter banking services as read, what is it that Giveall does to support you as a trustee? Well, it offers a number of things specifically designed to help you out. 

Let’s look at just a couple:

1: How vulnerable is your organisation to data loss?  If yours is a typical non-profit then the answer could well be: very vulnerable. Most charities security protocols are weak. Personal details are vulnerable and communications between parties is unsecured. We’ve already seen charities fined tens of thousands of pounds for breaches... is yours next? Giveall gives every single charity registered with it an SSL Certificate for free that protects it immediately (these are normally worth over £500 p.a.) 

2. We give every charity and their Trustees (personally) a PDF Authoring Suite (worth over £100 p.a. each) which allows them to convert documents into PDFs and then to encrypt them (easily) so that all correspondence is secure. It’s surely no longer acceptable to be sending sensitive information via unsecured email? Protect yourself and your charity, instantly. No more worry, no more risk.

Going back to your all-important fundraisers and donors; just think of the difference it would make to their view of your organisation if you could guarantee that every single penny of every donation “got through” intact. Everything transparent, everything secure and everything automated. 

That’s Giveall

Again, we congratulate you and the work you do and if you would like to know more then please contact us