Employees (Payroll Giving)

In a nutshell:

  • Giveall Payroll Giving is the most tax-efficient way to give to the charity of your choice. In fact, it's the only way that higher rate tax payers can get a full tax break on donations right up-front.
  • Setting it up is easy and on-going administration for you and your employer is minimal.
  • Regular donations are taken from your pay before tax and what you would have paid to HMRC goes to your charity instead.
  • It's flexible, transparent, confidential and secure.
  • Approved by HMRC, Giveall is unique among Payroll Giving Agencies as being the only one that is fully automated and commission-free.
  • 100% of every donation goes to the non-profit of choice when they register with Giveall.
  • Where a charity elects not to register on Giveall (and thereby not comply with our Anti-Money Laundering provisions) we will forward the donation to the charity less the cost of the Faster Payment transaction fee, which is currently £2.00.
  • You can donate to any UK registered charity. (NB: “charity” includes all schools, hospitals, churches, Charity Consortia and other NPOs, including EU charities, subject to them being approved by HMRC.)
  • NB: Payroll Giving cannot be used to make a donation to a CASC.

How your donations are made

Giveall Payroll Giving is the only Payroll Giving Agency that doesn't charge commission or transaction fees on Payroll Giving for organisations registered with it. With Giveall, 100% of your donation and any employer matching contributions goes into your Charity's Giveall Bank Account within 2 working days of us receiving the money. (Other Payroll Giving Agencies often take 30-60 days.)

It only takes minutes to set up and it's transparent, confidential, flexible and secure. You can maintain multiple employers and changing jobs is not a problem.

All donations are made before tax and after National Insurance so your contributions are not affected by any deductions.

It is the ultimate in flexibility:

  • It is simple and easy to set up and can be completed in minutes. All you need is your Employer's PAYE reference number, which should be printed on your payroll slip.
  • You can change the amount you give or the Charity you wish to donate to at any time.
  • In addition, you can also add funds to your Personal Donor Account on the Giveall Banking Platform and subsequently allocate these funds to any charity of your choice. With over 160,000 charities to choose from, your choice is almost infinite.
  • All transfers from your Personal Donor Account to any charity are processed at zero cost.
  • If you want to amend or stop making donations, you simply do so from within your user account on Giveall. i.e. You don't have to travel into Head Office to contact your payroll department or email them about your changes.
  • You can load multiple employers and set up different deductions on each payroll.
  • If you change employers, you merely deactivate the former employer and keep them in your own archived database.

Around 9,000 businesses already offer the benefits of Payroll Giving to their employees and approximately 720,000 donors utilise Payroll Giving and the numbers are growing all the time. 

Giveall is the only Payroll Giving Agency that doesn't charge the non-profit organisations registered with it commission or transaction fees on Payroll Giving.

How the tax is deducted

It doesn't matter whether you're a low or a higher rate taxpayer - your chosen charity receives all the tax you would have paid. This is much different from Gift Aid, in terms of which the charity only receives the basic rate of tax of 20%.

Your tax goes straight to your chosen charity instead of going to HMRC so you don't need to worry about reclaiming the tax and neither does your charity.

This is the difference it makes in practise: 

Employee pledges

Cost to employee

20% rate

Cost to employee

40% rate

Cost to employee

45% rate

£5.00 per month




£8.00 per month




£10.00 per month




£15.00 per month




Your employer is already running a Giveall Payroll Giving scheme?

Starting couldn't be easier.

Simply register with Giveall and setup your user account and fill in the online Payroll Giving form.

You can search for your employer on our site. NB: If your charity isn't registered on Giveall, let them know you intend to support them with a Payroll Giving scheme and direct them to Giveall. When they register your giving can commence!

Your employer isn't running a Payroll Giving scheme or they are but it's with another Payroll Giving Agency and you'd prefer to utilise Giveall:

Your employer doesn't run a Payroll Giving scheme

Why not suggest Giveall to them or let them know what you want to do?

Maybe they haven't heard of Payroll Giving or haven't considered it because in the past the cost has been too high or the hassles too great?

A Giveall Payroll Giving scheme is simple to set up, easy to operate and doesn't cost them a thing!

In our experience, employers appreciate the commercial logic behind Giveall Payroll Giving and they understand how it benefits everyone. They certainly appreciate the lack of administrative burden!

So, why not set up your user account on Giveall and nominate your employer and/ or direct them to these pages?

Nothing works quite as well as the direct approach so why not drop the decision-maker a note and direct them to Giveall or see them personally and tell them about it? Remember, there is strength in numbers so why not rally the troops or even get your intended charity involved? Your colleagues could be as interested as you are and your charity will, of course, be very keen! If you’d prefer, we could make the approach on your behalf contact us

Your employer runs a Payroll Giving scheme with another Payroll Giving Agency (and you'd prefer to utilise Giveall)

Employers can support Payroll Giving with multiple Payroll Giving Agencies. In fact, it's illegal to have exclusive arrangements.

Again, nominate your employer with Giveall and perhaps back that up by approaching them to explain your reasoning i.e. you'd prefer 100% of your donation to go to your charity of choice; administratively it's easier for everyone etc.

Their present provider will be charging a commission and there will be transaction fees on payroll giving donations. (There are none when the Non-Profit Organisations register with Giveall.) Some employers pay these fees (generally between 3-5%) as a “top up” (with Giveall these are unnecessary).

There may also be a Professional Fundraising Organisation in the loop as well. These private organisations are generally paid by charities on results; either per donor or by way of percentage of donations (or both). Unlike PGAs who cannot charge more than 5%, there is no cap on these charges and, given that these figures aren't in the public domain, it is difficult to define them exactly but from the charges we have seen, our view is that they are far too large.

Giveall is a fully automated platform that is “admin-lite.” Your employer may decide to utilise it as well as their existing provider (and give your colleagues the choice) or they may elect to switch providers completely (setting up on Giveall is very easy).

Either way, we're sure they will appreciate the heads-up as they have already committed to supporting their employees and their charitable giving!