Employers (Payroll Giving)

Giveall Payroll Giving:

  • Is free, quick and easy to set up (switching from another provider to Giveall is straightforward).
  • It is uniquely fully automated.
  • Administration is absolutely minimal (far less than traditional paper-based methods).
  • It is commission-free so there's never any need for employer “top-ups”.
  • Employees maintain their own profiles and changing jobs is straightforward (for them and their employer/s).

Why Giveall Payroll Giving for your company?

From your company's point of view, there is much to gain and very little to lose with Giveall Payroll Giving.

There is no cost to you. It's fully automated and very quick and easy to set up. On-going administration is minimal.

Payroll Giving has proven to be a great way to demonstrate your company's commitment to your employees, improving morale and engagement while enhancing the public's perception of your company.

Approved by HMRC, Giveall is unique among Payroll Giving Agencies as being the only one that is fully automated and is commission-free for every non-profit organisation, which registers with Giveall. This means that 100% of your employee's donation goes where it should.

NB: Where a charity elects not to register on Giveall (and thereby not comply with our Anti-Money Laundering provisions) we will forward the donation to the charity less the cost of the Faster Payment transaction fee, which is currently £1.00.

It is the only fully automated payroll giving scheme. The hassles of paperwork and the administrative burden of other schemes, such as employees joining or leaving the company, have been removed. Payroll giving has been modernised.

If you are currently using another Payroll Giving Agency, switching is simple. In fact, no Payroll Giving Agency can demand an exclusive relationship with an employer.

Setting up the scheme

It is very quick to set up Giveall Payroll Giving. As Giveall is an automated online platform it takes about 15 minutes and doesn't cost a thing. On-going administration can be completed in minutes and this can be claimed under tax relief as an available expense.

Employees set up their own accounts on the Giveall platform, saving you the time and hassle. This takes minutes. They can maintain multiple employers in their profile and changing employers is very simple.

It is recommended that employers set up as a separate user (from their own personal account) on Giveall for the purposes of Payroll Giving.

Implementing the scheme

All you need to do is sign up with Giveall Payroll Giving, which is an HMRC approved Payroll Giving Agency (‘PGA').

We distribute your employees' donations to their nominated Charities' Giveall Accounts using our fully integrated banking platform.

By using this service, the Charity of choice is able to receive their funds on the next working day after receipt of the funds by Giveall. With other Payroll Giving Agencies there are often delays of 30-60 days.

What your Payroll Administrator needs to know

Verification and approval of each employee's deductions for each pay period is carried out online.

NB: These deductions record the total amount authorised by each individual employee but in accordance with the Data Protection Regulations they do not incorporate any details of which Charity the individual employee is actually supporting, thereby ensuring confidentiality.

Giveall's easy reports provide everything that your payroll administrator requires. We are also able to provide an electronic record of all deductions by employee to assist the payroll processor.

For each pay period the following should be sent to Giveall Payroll Giving:

  • one cheque/BACS payment for the total employee donations deducted.
  • online confirmation of the deduction for all employees.

Our role

We take our role as an HMRC accredited Payroll Giving Agency very seriously.

Our role as a facilitator is to provide and maintain services and solutions on a secure, fully automated platform that makes giving quick, easy, less expensive and more rewarding all round.

100% of donors' hard-earned money goes into the designated Charity's Giveall online bank account and it gets there quickly. The hassle, administrative burden and costs of traditional Payroll Giving have been removed and, therefore, so have the barriers that deterred uptake in the past.

We do not charge commission and we will never contract with professional fundraising organisations who promote Payroll Giving to businesses on behalf of contracted charities. These private organisations are generally paid by charities on results; either per donor or by way of percentage of donations (or both). Unlike PGAs who cannot charge more than 5%, there is no cap on these charges and, given that these figures aren't in the public domain, it is difficult to define them exactly.