Other non-profits

Every Charity, church, school, hospital, university, CASC and other Non-Profit in the UK, regardless of size or purpose, is entitled to use the Giveall platform. (NB: Payroll Giving cannot be used to make a donation to a CASC.)

These organisations deserve all the support they can get and, frankly, they deserve a better deal. So do the people who support them.

Fundraising should be commission-free and void of hidden costs and unnecessary transaction fees. Your supporters deserve this.

Giveall is a multi-platform that supports charities across a range of departments from fundraising through to Finance, IT and HR so please ask your colleagues to take a look at us and see what’s in it for them as well as we would like to see all users maximise the value of their Giveall registration (we have charities, for example, whose fundraising departments have registered with us but who haven’t accessed any of the security software that could save their IT department thousands which seems such a waste).

All non-profits deserve fundraising, integrated cash management and banking solutions that are much smarter and more effective. They deserve branded fundraising pages and the confidence of fundraisers and donors that they have a system in place that looks after them and their money.

They should have all of the money that’s given to them and have that money work for them. Why shouldn’t all charities receive interest on their money? On Giveall they do. 

Payroll giving has finally been automated so ongoing admin is minimal. You have 24/7 overview of all transactions on your own online account and 100% of every donation gets through within 2 working days of us receiving the funds from the employer. You receive donor’s details (unless the giving is anonymous) and, not to be forgotten, Giveall Payroll Giving is free. Non-profits who have never received payroll giving before can finally take advantage of it and those already benefitting from it can switch payroll giving providers easily. The Giveall platform even makes it easy for employees to continue payroll giving when they change jobs. Employers prefer Giveall Payroll Giving because the administration is a snip.

Registering with Giveall gives you the benefit of Giveall’s integrated online banking platform and cash management solution which sits alongside your existing bank accounts (there is absolutely no need to change banks or accounts):

  • Your Giveall/ Barclays online account is free and is activated automatically.
  • Transfer funds between Personal Donor Accounts and yourself free of transaction charges.
  • Payments to third parties are at extremely low cost (unique to Giveall and the lowest in the market).

Giveall gives all charities, large and small, access to services previously unavailable or unaffordable to them. On top of that, all charities registered with Giveall receive thousands of pounds worth of essential software, free, every year including:

  • State of the art security software worth in excess of £500 every year.
  • A Digital SSL certificate worth around £4-£800 every year.
  • Reporting software worth in excess of £5,000 every year.
  • Other goods and services either free or at preferential rates with more coming online all the time.

If you would like to know more please contact us