We believe that society can and should be a much better, fairer place and we think that by giving to others or supporting charities in various ways, you probably agree with us.

We also believe that before things get better, there has to be change. Real change. Do you?

People are amazing; they continue to give despite the recession and despite knowing that some of their money doesn’t make it. But what if they simply one day say: enough! What happens then? How sustainable is the present system?

Wouldn’t it be better if money donated to others got through and got through intact? What about transparency and an end to hidden charges and unnecessary fees? What about an end to corporates making a fortune from the giving of others? What if we could say to them that their time was up; that everything they do is now available in one place without them?

What about smaller charities finally having access to the same opportunities and resources as larger charities? Finally, wouldn’t it be great if they all got higher interest on their money (instead of their money earning interest for their financial service providers).

What about greater transparency and fewer unnecessary charges and hidden interests standing between those looking to help others and those who need their help? 

Giveall brings a range of services together within a single platform that does all that and with the support of people who would like to see real change, we can make it happen.