Fundraisers and donors deserve a better deal so thank you for selecting Giveall! 

Giveall processes all donations 100% commission-free and there are no unnecessary transaction costs so, quite simply, more of your fundraising “gets through” intact (if you would like to see what happens to a £20 donation on Giveall as compared to 3 of the other main fundraising sites - click here.

Setting up a fundraising page is easy. Simply register, identify the good cause or causes (you can support more than one on Giveall) you want to support, customise your page and let your friends know about it; piece of cake.

At Giveall we believe that you should receive the best advice and guidance available, which can be found at the Fundraising Regulator's website here.

Please NOTE that details of the Regulator's advice and guidance is accessible and the particular Standard is set out as follows: -

The guidance MUST highlight the following considerations for fundraisers in how they publicise their appeal to prospective donors through their fundraising page on the site:
a) who is organising the appeal;
b) whether the money raised is for a specific purpose or for the recipient to use as they see fit. Where money is raised for a charity for a specific purpose, fundraisers MUST contact the charity to ensure they are aware and happy to receive the funds for this stated purpose. See also Code rule 5.2e on money given for a restricted purpose;
c) where applicable, what the target of the appeal will be - this might be a time target or a financial target;
d) whether the fundraiser is raising money on behalf of or for a registered charity and, where applicable, the name of the charity;
e) how donations can be made, including, where relevant, alternative ways of donating to the appeal and ways to maximise donations via Gift Aid;
f) what deductions will be made for expenses; and
g) what the fundraiser will do with the money if:
• they do not raise enough to meet their stated target;
• they raise an amount in excess of their stated target; or
• the original purpose for which they are seeking donations becomes invalid for any reason.

Click here to review advice and guidance now!

Please note: A Non-Profit must be registered and be a subscriber with Giveall before you can fundraise on their behalf on the platform. If they are subscribed with Giveall then they have consented to other registered users fundraising on their behalf. If they aren’t a subscribing charity, your page can’t go live so, either contact the charity directly and tell them what you are doing and why (e.g. you would prefer your fundraising to get through intact) or, by all means, contact us and we will do it on your behalf.

We maintain the highest levels of security so that you can concentrate on what you really want to do: fundraise in confidence!

Giveall maintains the highest protocols in data protection and its AML requirements are more stringent than any other online fundraising platform. It is also the most transparent with all stakeholders having 24/7 access to their own online accounts with real-time reporting. 

All money held within the Giveall platform is secure at all times as all donations are held and secured in a client trust account and then deposited into the charity’s Giveall online bank account upon clearance.

Good luck, have fun and if there is anything more you need from us please contact us.