The Sizanani OVC project, led by St Joseph's Care & Support Trust.


Sizanani is based in the City of Tshwane, Region 7 east of Pretoria. The region has been described as the poorest in the Gauteng Province, with a lack of services, few employment opportunities and high levels of poverty and people living with HIV and Aids. Many of the children we support have been affected by HIV and Aids. Some of the children we care for on a daily basis are themselves infected with the HIV virus.It is said that the quality of education plays a major role in the social development of a child and the community. We have realised that the conditions of our children, whether living with HIV or being orphaned, play a role in how well they perform at school.


The Aims and Objectives of the employees and volunteers at Sizanani OVC continue to be:


  • To provide educational support and assistance to children to ensure that the children of school going age are adequately empowered and supported in successfully completing their schooling.
  • To address the psychosocial needs of the children that they can be facilitated and empowered to function well in society.
  • To provide nutritional support to all the children involved in the program.
  • To provide health care services for children to ensure that they receive holistic palliative care.
  • To promote and establish child protection services and assist children to access legal documents.
  • To ensure that children have adequate shelter and support.