Money Laundering Regulations 2017

Giveall is required to comply with the The Money Laundering Regulations 2017 and we adhere to it strictly.
Money laundering (including terrorist financing and the proliferation of nuclear, chemical or biological weapons) have been identified as major threats to the international financial services community and therefore to Giveall and the charities that it serves.

The UK, in common with many other countries, has passed legislation designed to prevent money laundering and to combat terrorism. This legislation, together with regulations, rules and industry guidance, form the cornerstone of AML obligations for UK firms and outline the offences and penalties for failing to comply.

The requirements of EU⁄UK legislation apply to Giveall globally. Group companies may also have additional local policies and procedures designed to comply with their local legislation, regulations and any governmentapproved guidance in the jurisdiction(s) in which they operate. The principal requirements, obligations and penalties currently in force, on which the Giveall AML prevention approach is based, are contained in: -
  • The Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 (POCA), as amended;
  • The Terrorism Act 2000, as amended;
  • The Terrorism Act 2006;
  • The Money Laundering Regulations 2017, transposing the requirements of the EU’s Fourth MoneyLaundering Directive;
  • The FCA Handbook of Rules and Guidance (in particular, the “Senior Management Arrangements, Systems and Controls” (SFFISC) Sourcebook, which relates to the management and control of moneylaundering risk); and,
  • The Joint Money Laundering Steering group (JMLSG) guidance for the UK financial sector on the prevention of money laundering ⁄combating terrorist financing.
Accordingly, Giveall is required to verify the exisence of any charity registered with it and because the charity can utilise the Giveall Barclays BMAP platform to make payments to third parties, we have set up a dual approval/authorisation process for all payments and transfers.
These requirements are different for "Subscribed" and "Free" charities.
"Subscribed charities" are those paying a subscription and able to utilise the entire Giveall platform.
NB: This includes all "Small" charities (with a turnover of less than £10,000 p.a.). While these charities have their subscription sponsored (and thereby effectively don't pay anything at all), they are, however still regarded as "Subscribed" for the purposes of KYC and AML.

"Free charities" are those who have elected to have limited access to Giveall services. While these charities can receive Payroll Giving and direct donations through Giveall, they cannot, for example, create fundraising events themselves or have them created on their behalf.

NB: If "Free" charities do wish to take full advantage of the Giveall platform and, for example, have people fundraise on their behalf, they simply need to upgrade to "Subscribed". For more on our fees, please click here.

"Free charities" must provide three (3) documents:
  • Certificate of Incorporation - If Company
  • Governing Document - If not incorporated
  • Bank Statement (not older than 3 months) showing the charity address and the sort code and account number where withdrawals out of your Giveall online account will be made to.
  • Letter from the CEO or FD, confirming the appointment of your Administrator and the 2 Authorised Contacts and posted to us at the address below


"Subscribed charities" (including "Small charities" as above) must provide six (6) documents (plus those for the 2 Authorised Contacts):

  • Certificate of Incorporation - If Company
  • Governing Document - If not incorporated
  • Certificate of Registration as a Charity or proof of Statutory Tax exemption by HMRC
  • Bank Statement (not older than 3 months)
  • Proof of Address - Utility Bill or Independent Confirmation (not older than 3 months)
  • Signed Direct Debit Mandate (downloaded from Giveall) and posted to us at the address below
  • Form Chv1 - HMRC - Charities' variations form (downloaded from Giveall) and posted to us at the address below

Plus the following documents for your Authorised Contacts:

  • Proof of Identity - Passport, driver's licence
  • Proof of Address - Utility Bill or Independent Confirmation (not older than 3 months)

NB: If you opt to have two Authorised Contacts that are not Trustees then we require a letter on company headed paper signed by the CEO or FD authorising these individuals to be your Authorised Contacts for the purposes of the Giveall platform. This must be posted to us at the address below.


Our postal address for registration documents:

Registrations team
Bank House
81 St Judes Road
Englefield Green
TW20 0DF