Barclays Bank PLC - BMAP


The Barclays Multi Account Platform  ("BMAP") is defined by Barclays as:
"A client money management solution able to optimise the client funds process with bespoke integration to your systems.
It includes:
  • Individual virtual client accounts
  • Flexible accounts structures and interest calculations
  • Clients' statements and reporting
  • Automatic allocation and reconciliation
  • Ability to directly link bank and in-house business systems.

By eliminating re-keying and other high cost, manually intensive operations, you can streamline the entire process of managing individual client funds in line with regulatory requirements.

Barclays Multi Account Platform (BMAP) provides users with a single point of management for any number of segregated accounts. You can maximise interest returns, allowing funds to be used as efficiently as possible."
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Giveall has incorporated the Barclays BMAP and made bespoke and innovative alterations and adjustments to the system to enable online access for users via the Giveall platform.
The effect of this has been to enable Charities and Individual Donors to, for example, make transactions as and when they please and to view their history and balances in real time from within a single secure User Account.
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