Website Payments

Even for the most sophisticated user, setting up a website payments system is daunting. It's time consuming and more often than not expensive.
One has to:
  • Purchase a high security Digital SSL Certificate;
  • Change the website's Terms and Conditions;
  • Meet with your banker and apply for a merchant account;
  • Engage a Payment Services Provider ("PSP") to process your transactions;
  • Purchase a Postcode Lookup system (if the charity doesn't have one) as it improves data integrity and makes for an easier shopping experience;
  • Select an appropriate shopping cart system; and,
  • Consider the security issues around the sale and return of products/services, the communication, privacy and data protection issues and many more.
Giveall, in conjunction with Formidable Solutions and Formidable CA has created an easy to use service whereby all charities can benefit and save costs at the same time. To read more, please click here.