Payment Services Provider ("PSP")

Many will tell you that low cost merchant services, as provided by a Payment Services Provider ("PSP"), are difficult to obtain on a consistent and sustainable basis. They put this down to the costs of entry into the business and the involvement of many different parties in the merchant payment process.

Giveall accepted that unless it was able to incorporate the PSP services into the Giveall platform it would always be uncompetitive. Therefore, in conjunction with other likeminded philanthropists, Giveall works with AfriSwitch which supports Giveall and all Charities.

Giveall/SPS has been incredibly fortunate to be the beneficiary of donated software and services from market leading suppliers who share Giveall's vision and goals and are looking to support the entire charitable sector. The result of this is that Giveall can ensure that all charitable donations are processed at zero cost, with the exception of bank interchange fees and a very nominal fee charged by Barclaycard.
The organisations which have supported Giveall are:
ACI   The Postilion platform
AfriSwitch   One of our payment processors who physically processes the payments
Barclaycard   Barclays card issuing and acquiring arm
Modirum   The high security 3DSecure and VbyV platform
We cannot express our appreciation enough to these organisations who are making such a difference for every charity.