Giveall works through a wholly owned subsidiary, Giveall Services Ltd to build a group of third party and related third party suppliers – the Giveall Affiliates.

These affiliates benefit from the expertise of our experienced charitable and business optimisation staff in order to increase profitability. In return, they have either:

  • supplied Giveall and/or all Charities registered with it, services and solutions at dramatically reduced rates; and/or,
  • entered into revenue sharing agreements with Giveall, thereby generating additional income for Giveall and all Charities.

So, all parties benefit both from increased revenue and from an increased ability to support Charities.

Giveall benefits from:

  • the latest technology and support that may have been beyond its reach;
  • increased revenue streams; and,
  • a dramatic improvement in its own sustainability over the long term. 

To find out more about our Affiliate Partners, please click here.