Guiding Principles

Giveall2Charity exists to help all charities and Non-Profit Organisations help others.

The Giveall platform's entire operation is based on a single premise and singular premise: The world could be a better place. 

The world would be a much better place if:

  1. the “haves” did more for the “have-nots”
  2. the strong supported the weak
  3. when somebody gives something to someone it doesn't end up in the hands of somebody else and
  4. more was done to help those who help the needy.

At Giveall, we:

  • believe Giveall can change lives.
  • believe that we are privileged to be able to be involved with a Charity which benefits all other charities.
  • continuously strive to use our expertise to aid charities in all the good work they do.
  • enjoy what we do, but appreciate that what also matters is how we do it. We work as a team to get things done and value the input of those around us.

We've established some key principles for our organisation and we're always open to developing these with other great ideas, wherever they come from (e.g. The Gates Foundation has influenced some of these): 

  1. This is a charitable fundraising platform, run by a charity, for the benefit of all charities.
  2. ALL of every donation should go to the intended charitable causes (allowing for any external charges beyond our control).
  3. Our ethos dictates that we do NOT take a penny from donations meant for others.
  4. People have a right to know where their money is going so we strive to make the platform as transparent as possible.
  5. It is a co-operative model where all charities seamlessly support each other i.e.: the stronger charities support the weaker ones and the weaker ones, in turn, support the stronger ones (e.g. all funds held in the charities' Giveall bank accounts are consolidated so that all charities earn higher interest while maintaining control of their funds).
  6. All users have a right to full control over, and transparent access to, their accounts at all times.
  7. Security is an absolute priority and protection of funds, IP and data should be state of the art.
  8. Operations should be sustainable and according to the highest standards of corporate governance.
  9. As a charity we should not pay high salaries nor spend money that is unnecessary to our core operations.
  10. The best financial structuring and technology should be incorporated to maximise income and keep expenses to a minimum.
  11. All fees left over after running costs, contingencies and charitable outcomes have been met should be used to reduce future subscription fees.
  12. Focus should be clear and neglected areas prioritised and contentious issues should be addressed.
  13. We identify the specific point of need and apply ourselves to make a difference.
  14. We evaluate and select strategic partners carefully with a view at all times to improving our service to charities.
  15. Our view is long term.
  16. We advise strongly and responsibly.
  17. We try to be thoughtful of others in our actions and words, and we actively seek input, advice and feedback from others.
  18. We treat our donors as valued partners and our charities and their beneficiaries with respect.
  19. Delivering results in a transparent manner is key to us and we seek to share information about those results at all times.
  20. We demand ethical behaviour of ourselves and our colleagues.
  21. We abide by The Fundraising Promise.
  22. We accept the responsibilities of stewardship of our resources and expertise, and our mission to increase opportunity and equity for those most in need.
  23. We welcome growth and change and leave room for it.