Ajuga is a new CSI initiative operating under the Cipla brand. The Ajuga product has been established to alleviate the shack fire crisis in South Africa, by providing a fire resistant structure to help communities. The structure is being used as crèches in informal settlements and can be altered for any type of community care centre, dependent on the need of the community involved.

The name Ajuga is derived from the name of the Ajuga Reptans fire resistant plant species, commonly known as carpet bugleweed, that is native to Africa, Europe and Asia. It is a groundcover plant that is a moist-leafed, low growing plant with watery sap to reduce fire hazards and act as a firebreak.

The Product

The Ajuga structure consists of a patented steel structure and fire retardant panels that feature a sandwich construction with an outer layer of fire resistant virgin and recycled plastic, an inner core of a Vermiculite mix and an inner skin of Chromadeck steel that has been fire tested to 1000 degrees. The structure comes in a large wooden box that can be reused. The house takes a day maximum to assemble. Services such as water and electricity can be installed. The structure is fitted with standard windows and doors.


Ajuga is a supplier of fire resistant structures that is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of informal settlement dwellers through the implementation of temporary structures that can be used as crèches and community care centres to reduce the devastation and physical harm of shack fires.


Ajuga's vision is to become the number one supplier of fire resistant structures in South Africa. Ajuga strives to provide crèches and then temporary structures in order to be the leading supplier of small fire resistant homes. Ajuga aims to uplift informal communities through their product offering and transparent approach while documenting the success stories of their progress.

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