Fundraisers and Donors

Giveall2Charity Limited, a registered UK Charity – 1132982, company registered number 7075425 whose registered office is at Bank House, 81 St. Judes Road, Englefield Green, Egham, TW20 0DF, trading as Giveall2Charity and Giveall (‘Giveall2Charity', Giveall, ‘us' or ‘we'), operates the on-line donation service, and and other related systems and services as are outlined in these Terms of Service (the ‘Giveall Services').

Fundraising Regulator

At Giveall we believe that you should receive the best advice and guidance available, which can be found at the Fundraising Regulator's website here.

Please NOTE that details of the Regulator's advice and guidance is accessible and the particular Standard is set out as follows: -

The guidance MUST highlight the following considerations for fundraisers in how they publicise their appeal to prospective donors through their fundraising page on the site:
a) who is organising the appeal;
b) whether the money raised is for a specific purpose or for the recipient to use as they see fit. Where money is raised for a charity for a specific purpose, fundraisers MUST contact the charity to ensure they are aware and happy to receive the funds for this stated purpose. See also Code rule 5.2e on money given for a restricted purpose;
c) where applicable, what the target of the appeal will be - this might be a time target or a financial target;
d) whether the fundraiser is raising money on behalf of or for a registered charity and, where applicable, the name of the charity;
e) how donations can be made, including, where relevant, alternative ways of donating to the appeal and ways to maximise donations via Gift Aid;
f) what deductions will be made for expenses; and
g) what the fundraiser will do with the money if:
• they do not raise enough to meet their stated target;
• they raise an amount in excess of their stated target; or
• the original purpose for which they are seeking donations becomes invalid for any reason.

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The Giveall Services include the:-

  • principle of Treating Customers (you, the fundraiser and donor) Fairly – (“TCF”);
  • collection, processing and transfer of donations and, where applicable, Gift Aid;
  • processing of zero cost Payroll Giving through the Giveall Payroll Giving Agency;
  • collection of event fees;
  • collection of subscription fees;
  • refund of subscription fees from surplus interest income generated by Giveall on the Client Trust Account after the payment of costs;
  • provision of Giveall banking services to every Charity through Barclays Bank plc;
  • the provision of consolidated cash management services to automatically maximise income earned for all charities on their Charity's designated Barclays Giveall banking account; and,
  • provision of Affiliate Services by a wholly owned subsidiary Giveall Services Limited and/or our Giveall Affiliates.

These are the Terms of Service which govern the use of the Giveall Services by Fundraisers and Donors that are registered with Giveall.

By continuing to use or access the Giveall Services, or by beginning the user registration process, you are agreeing as a Fundraiser and/or Donor to be bound by these Terms of Service with immediate effect. References in these Terms of Service to the ‘Fundraiser/Donor or ‘you' (or similar) are references to you as a Fundraiser and/or Donor that has applied to Giveall and/or been registered by Giveall as a User (as defined below).

These Terms of Service are divided into eight Sections:

  • Section 1 sets out the provisions relevant to your registration with Giveall.
  • Section 2 sets out the provisions relating to the payment of your donation/Event fees and refund of your Event fees.
  • Section 3 sets out the terms of refund of Event Fees.
  • Section 4 sets out the terms of the use of the Client Account by Giveall.
  • Section 5 sets out the terms of the use of the Payroll Giving Account by Giveall.
  • Section 6 sets out the terms of the Transfer of amounts due to Charities.
  • Section 7 sets out the fees payable for the use of the Giveall Services.
  • Section 8 records the general provisions relating to the agreement.

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