Affiliate overview

We actively work with affiliates to help the Non-Profit Organisations who work with us to generate revenue, increase their security and transparency and to enhance their service delivery. By working with us, these Affiliates, who have either donated their services and solutions or supplied them at dramatically reduced rates, are helping to transform the non-profit sector. They are cutting the costs of fundraising, helping to generate extra revenue, creating efficiencies and improving practise.

Their reasons for working with Giveall are as many and varied as their service offerings, but there are certain things they do have in common:

  • They have been hand-picked by us.
  • They recognise the contribution the sector makes to society and believe that working with us will help.
  • They have the vision and courage to buy into an entirely different business model.
  • Directly or indirectly, they benefit from their association with us by enhancing their own CSR, promoting themselves to new and sizeable markets, engaging with new users and/ or making a profit from sheer scale.

Awarding an affiliate a PlatinumGoldSilver or Bronze designation is an inexact science but is intended to reflect a number of things including the difference the organisation makes to our operation and the sector as a whole. any sacrifice on their part, the size of their contribution and the risk they've taken.

The size of the organisation is irrelevant as it's all about contribution, motivation and effect. Our affiliates have earned the right to display their designation on their own website and marketing literature.

Some of them supply the services that make Giveall itself function while others deliver solutions to subscribing Non-Profit Organisations as part of their package. Some of them offer special deals on top of that. You can find out more about that here.

It is important to note that under the terms of the GDPR, Giveall does NOT provide any personal user information to any of the Affiliates. Giveall merely promotes details of these Affiliates which support Giveall's charitable operations to those users that opt-in to receive information from Giveall.

If you think your organisation can make a difference and you would like to work with us, please  Contact Us