Our Fees

Giveall is 100% commission-free. Giveall does not make any income from donations intended for others and all interest on funds held on behalf of any charity goes to the charities themselves.

Giveall operates as a co-operative business model with the strong helping the weak and the rich supporting the poor while at the same time working together for the greater good of all.

Giveall now has two different classes of registration for all UK Charities. 

Firstly, Charities no longer, irrespective of their size, have to pay a subscription to have what we call, a Free Charity Account on our website. 

All UK charities qualify for a Free Charity Account which allows them to receive payroll giving donations and direct donations processed from debit and credit cards via PayPal on our website. 

There is no cost for an employer to set up a Giveall Payroll Giving Scheme, no cost for the employee to join the scheme and no cost for the charity to receive these donations. We pass 100% of every payroll giving donation over to the employee’s chosen charities no later than two working days from the date we receive the funds from their employer. 

We deposit the funds into the charity's Free Giveall Charity Account and a charity can log in at any time and withdraw funds out and across to their external charity bank again. Again, we charge no fees or commissions for direct donations made to the charity via PayPal. The only fee deducted is by PayPal themselves who deduct 1.4% of the donation amount plus 20p per transaction.

Secondly, a charity now has the option to upgrade to our Subscription Status, only if they wish to do so. Subscription status allows donors to create fundraising events on our website to raise funds for the charity. If a charity chooses to upgrade then it is £20pm plus vat. No further fees or commissions are applied by Giveall.

For the first time, in effect, this co-operative business model is creating a level playing field for every charity, large and small, by giving those smaller charities access to the level of service previously the preserve of larger organisations and by giving them all new and exciting service previously unavailable to all (eg online payroll giving and consolidated cash management).

Please note: Giveall Payroll Giving as a standalone service is free. Otherwise, Giveall2Charity covers the running and on-going development costs of the Giveall platform and its own charitable goals with:

  • a monthly charge for all large Charities who opt to upgrade their subscription status
  • donations made to Giveall2Charity itself
  • interest earned on its own funds
  • revenue (if any) arising from our affiliate relationships.

 Fees payable for the use of the Giveall Services


Donors / Fundraisers

Small Charity(1)

Large Charity(2)

Free Charity(3)

Registration Zero Zero Zero Zero

Subscription Fee (4)

N/A Zero £20 p.m. plus VAT Zero
Transaction Fees Zero Zero Zero Zero
Direct Donations
Zero Zero Zero Zero
Payroll Giving donations Zero Zero Zero Zero
Payroll Giving Promotion N/A POA(5) POA(5) POA(5)


Fees payable for the Giveall Business Charity Accounts


Staff Charity Account(6)

Employer Charity Account(7)

Company Charity Account(8)

Set up Fee
Zero £20 plus VAT £20 plus VAT

Monthly Fee

£5 p.m. plus VAT £20 p.m. plus VAT £20 p.m. plus VAT
Transaction Fees Zero Zero Zero
Bank Charges - Faster Payment Fees(9)
£2.00 per Faster Payment £2.00 per Faster Payment £2.00 per Faster Payment


Fees payable for the use of the Payment Services Provider (“PSP”)


Donors / Fundraisers

Small Charity(1)

Large Charity(2)

Free Charity(3)

Bank Interchange Fees N/A As published – FTTT(10) As published – FTTT(10) As published – FTTT(10)
Bank Charges - Faster Payment Fees(9) N/A £2.00 per Faster Payment £2.00 per Faster Payment £2.00 per Faster Payment
Transaction Fees N/A Zero Zero Zero


All Subscription fees left over at the end of the year, subject to Giveall's objects and working capital requirements, are used to reduce the following year's fees.

  1. A Small Charity is one which has an annual turnover of less than £10,000. Please upload a copy of your financial accounts to prove that you are a 'Small Charity' with the other documents required by a Charity. Small Charity's subscription fees are sponsored (and thereby effectively don't pay anything at all).
  2. A Large Charity is one which has an annual turnover of £10,000 and more and has opted to upgrade their subscription status.
  3. A Free Charity is one which has elected to have limited access to the Giveall services. These charities can receive Payroll Giving and direct donations but cannot partake in fundraising.
  4. Subscription fees are payable monthly in advance and are set to cover the costs of operating the platform for the benefit of all Charities and Non-Profit Organisations. 
  5. Payroll Giving Promotion of Charities to employers and employees is provided subject to covering disbursement and travel costs agreed beforehand.
  6. The Staff Charity Account allows employees to support the business charities with their Payroll Giving deductions only.
  7. The Employer Charity Account accepts Payroll Giving deductions, direct donations and fundraising is allowed for the business charities.
  8. The Company Charity Account is for the sole purpose of holding business funds only that will be paid across to charitable organisations.
  9. Faster Payment Fees are exempt from VAT.
  10. 'FTTT' means From Time to Time. Interchange Fees are reviewed by MasterCard and Visa on a regular basis and can change. Any changes will lead to a change in the fees charged.
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